Saturday, March 17, 2012

EDM198, More crows and flowers

I have been busy working on the two drawing below, but I did find time to make another Everyday Matters sketch. This one was for #198: Draw some Noodles. I chose to be a bit liberal in what I considered noodles, and really went with dried pasta. I could have drawn spaghetti noodles since that is what I had for dinner, but I was hungry and didn't want to let my dinner get cold while I drew so those got eaten and I used dried pasta shapes for my drawing.

Shapes are rotini, shells and elbows. I also have egg noodles in the cabinet, but forgot about them when I was pulling samples to draw. The hardest was the rotini, sort of like a screw and I did use some guide lines which I then erased to help with that one. The shells were fun, and a bit more complex than I expected. The elbows were probably the simplest shape, and in the end the lest fun to draw.

Above is my latest stipple piece finished. Well I think it is finished, but as I keep finding border areas that I think aren't quilt dark enough I may be adding a bit more dots there. I think I will leave the center alone. I was originally going to use line work for the center, but then decided it wouldn't be in keeping with the rest of the piece so ended up stippling the tree and birds.

Don't look too closely at the image, I assembled it in Photoshop after scanning it in 2 sections, the finished drawing is a bit too large to fit on my scanner as one scan. I will photograph it when we have better weather, today is a bit too cloudy to get a good photo of this. Size is 11 x 10 inches on Stonehenge paper, stipple done with a 3X technical pen.  

One last drawing for today, a watercolor of some pink dogwood flowers. From a photograph I made a couple of years ago of a neighbors tree. I simplified the photo a bit and left out the real background . This is the first larger sized watercolor I have done for a while, and the first where I didn't use any zentangle type fills. Done on cold press water color paper size is 7.0 inches by 5.0 inches. I did use pen to outline the stems, branches and petals prior to painting.

Above is the a the section of my photograph that I used for reference. Pretty aren't they, course we still have a couple of months before they will be blooming again here.

That is it for today, per usual comments are always welcome.