Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ATC and More Cookbook Illustrations

Above is another ATC that I have been working on. I wanted to play with designs that looked more like a machine than what I normally do. Still I can't seem to stay away from curves and more organic looking forms. I started with my technical pen, drawing the lines and dark areas then added color using my watercolor pencils and a couple of the Inktense pencils. Colors with activated with a wet brush. 

Done strictly for fun. 

I am still puttering away on my ideas for the cookbook Illustrations. When drawing the above page I was thinking that my sketches so far have been way too complex. I really don't think I need elaborate drawings for these pages, in fact simpler is probably better. So above are 3 quick sketches that I drew from memory. The knife and fork are slight wonky, but that is semi deliberate, I am also trying to get away from my urge to make totally realistic drawings. While that sounds easy to do, for me it isn't. I imagine that the early modernists also had to work to distort and simplify their images after being trained to draw realism.

Just for fun I cropped out the plate with the knife and fork from the scan of the above sketches and using some different brushes in Photoshop applied some color. I didn't even try to stay too neat and within or under lines. Sort of fun to do, and just another option that I need to think about prior to making any decisions.

I actually finished this bag a couple of weeks ago, and it was started a couple of years ago. Oops, can I say I got sidetracked with other projects. Anyway this one is now done, batiks on the outside and more ordinary fabrics as the inside lining. I am still working on 2 more of these and a couple more of the shopping bag size.

Another photograph made in my local park. I just thought the clouds were interesting in this photograph.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are always welcome. If you have been following along with my cookbook sketches let me know which style you find the most interesting, simple sketch, Illustrator drawing, Pen and Ink outlines, or one of the more elaborate sketches that could become a finished drawing.