Thursday, January 24, 2013

New ATC's, a bag and a figure drawing

I am not creating as much art as I would like to be doing. But I am doing more than I was back in December. In the past few days I have finished 2 new ATC's (Artist Trading Cards), the top one is totally new and is based on the pear sketches I was doing last week. I threw in an apple just to add some variety. Outlined with ink and colored with colored pencils. I used mainly my Polychromes but also a few of the Derwents. Background is mostly pen with some colored pencil.

I call the card above Red Moon. I started it last year but only did the ink work, I felt it needed something more so in the past few days I added color using Inktense and watercolor pencils. I did the coloring first with the pencils and then using a wet brush activated the colors.

I like doing ATC's they are small so finish quickly, well more quickly than a larger work would do, they allow me to experiment without investing a lot of time. Both of these were done on Stonehenge paper.

I haven't forgotten about the cookbook illustrations so worked on some thumbnails over the weekend trying to generate ideas. The sketches above are for the Desserts section. Some relatively simple and others more complex. Still nothing here really thrills me so I will just have to continue working on it.

Above is the figure drawing I made this past Monday. Simple pose on a single chair, not not quite as easy to draw as you might think. Still I rather like how she came out. Backs can be so very fun to draw.

I am also still working on some sewing projects. Above is another of my shopping bag sized bags finished. This one is put together with many of my Indonesian Batiks. Well not all the fabrics are truely batiks, but if they aren't batiks they are traditional patterns, and the lining is a classic batik pattern. Some of these were rather expensive fabrics back when I purchased them. With the cost of cotton going ever upward the price doesn't seem to high now, anyway they were just sitting in the stash and I decided that it would be better to just use them then to let them continue to sit on the shelf.

I like this one, I esp enjoy the combination of colors and pattern styles.

Last image for today is a photograph I made in my local park. The ice on the pond was melting that day with intermittent sun and clouds. I love the reflection of the bare tree trunks on the water pooling over the ice. It has since turned very cold and I have a feeling the pond is again totally frozen over.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are always welcome.