Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidents Day Update

Today's update includes a couple of ATC (Artist Trading Cards) that I have been working on. Sometimes I seem to come up with a design that won't go away until I explore several iterations. The flower design I came up with a couple of weeks ago is one of those. Both of these cards use the design, the top one with the flowers mostly the same size just moving across the card. For the lower image I simplified some of the flowers and varied sizes quite a bit. I rather think I prefer the 2nd card to the first, but that is me, and I have a feeling there are others who might prefer the top card. Whichever doesn't matter to me.

Both cards were done on Stonehenge paper with inked outlines and colored pencil fillers.

Not sure if I am done with this series or not, only time will tell. In the meantime if you want to tell me which one you prefer I would love to hear.

Since last Monday communities were still digging out from our major snowstorm I decided to not to to the Long Pose Drawing Session. Roads weren't in good shape and while the day had been warm meaning that melting had happened I was concerned about ice on the roads after Dark. Anyway by Tuesday things were a bit better so I went out to the Short Pose Session again. Our model was lovely and very good, striking many lovely poses. While I am not thrilled with a lot a drew that night I thought I would share 4 drawings that for one reason or another I rather like.

The above 2 drawings are pen drawings of 3 minute poses. I start out with a chalk type pencil to warm up and then move to pen for many of these very short poses.

When the poses move to 5 minutes I switch over to a soft lead pencil (4B). The 2 drawings above were both 5 minute poses. She also did a couple of 10 minute poses for us, but I think by then I was getting pretty tired and I am not totally happy with those drawings.

The above photograph is of a male mallard duck flying. The background looks blurred because I was moving the camera trying for a photograph of a non-blurred flying duck.

That is it for today, per usual comments are always appreciated.