Monday, January 13, 2014

ATC and 3 Variations on a Still Life

Above is an ACEO or ATC (Artist Trading Card) that I just finished. I was just playing around with one of my technical pens and drew those sort of pine tree looking trees, added some lines for what could be bushes or shrubs and others for what could be green areas on distant hills. Pulled out my green colored pencils and colored in the trees, shrubs and other green areas, then added some grey to suggest rocks, and clouds against a blue sky. Well the clouds could use some work. I mostly avoid drawing or coloring clouds in my landscapes and I feel it shows.

Still I rather like the results, looks better life size instead of blown up on the screen.

The other day I was having a snack on one of two golden delicious apples I had on hand and decided it might be a good idea before I ate the pieces to set up a still life and draw it. First go round I used one of my technical pens creating primarily outlines with just a bit of shading.

Next I hauled out one of my graphite pencils and sketched the apple and pieces on the plate. Did OK with most of it except the rear right corner of the plate, that doesn't work for me. Course by the time I had the sketch semi laid out I was starting to get a bit impatient with it, I was hungry and wanted to just be done with the drawing so I could eat my apple.

There is definitely a downside to drawing eatable objects, esp. if they were intended for a snack prior to the drawing session.

When I was scanning my drawings into the computer for this blog update I got the idea to add some color to the line drawing of the apples. Since I scan into Photoshop the image was right there and it didn't take too long to add some color and some additional lines. It was a fun exercise, quick and easy to do. I think I spent more time selecting colors than filling in the areas.

With our rather strange weather I haven't been out to any of the parks recently. First the snow kept me in, then the cold and then when it finally warmed up we had several days of clouds and rain. Today I finally managed to get out for a bit to run an errand I photographed this street of houses and roofs. I have found this particular street interesting for quite a while because of the roof lines.

This afternoon the sun was starting to get a bit low in the western sky. It lit up the houses and roofs but left the street in shadow.  Someday if I get back to working on Art Quilts I want to make a quilt out of this scene. 

That is it for today. Per usual comments are welcome.