Saturday, April 26, 2014

Watercolor, graphite and more toys

The above is small, about postcard size and started out with me playing around with a brush and trying to paint wet into wet. First I wet the paper then dropped in color and let it mix on the paper. I was using blue and yellow to start, then added some tube greens then mixed some more greens and added those in. Added more blues, you get the picture. Let the first session dry and then went in and added more greens, this time work wet onto dry, mixed up the brown and added some lines to suggest tree trunks and limbs. Then mixed the lighter brown and painted in the path.

Oddly I am fairly pleased with how this came out. Not working from anything except imagination, and there was no under drawing. Just play, but play can teach one a lot with this kind of media. Still need to do more of that as I am still discovering what colors I can mix with my new paints.

I was at the library the other day, sitting for a bit with a book I had taken off the shelves before packing up, taking out the books and walking home. This gentleman sat down at the other end of the table I was sitting at and I couldn't resist trying for a quick sketch.

I don't think he ever realized I was sketching him. Fairly quickly done, and quite sketchy, but I rather like the results. Loved the hat, you just don't see people in hats any more. Well except in winter and those are more caps than hats. Need to do more of this kind of drawing. Now that the weather is getting warmer I need to check out local parks.

More toys, this time a teddy bear and a doll with a ball. I think I could of done a better job with the bear, looking at it now the head seems a bit small, but I really like the doll. She is mostly drawn from my imagination, but to get the legs/feet more accurate I pulled out one of my dolls and posed her.

Hands could be better, but for the most part I am pleased with this. I guess all that figure drawing I was doing for these past couple of years is paying off, even if the figure is just a doll. Tried to pick colors that would contrast but still go together, also wanted to keep the pallet fairly limited so that I was repeating them, you know getting back to those Principles and Elements of design.

As a final image a tree that is just starting to bloom, don't know if this is a crab apple or some kind of ornamental cherry, whatever I love the white against the blue sky with the contrasting dark branches.

If I understand our next weeks weather forecast correctly there isn't much blue sky in my future. Rain today, tomorrow, cloudy Monday and Tuesday then more rain for the next four days. I am going to be soggy by the end of this pattern. Still rain this time of year is a good thing, leaves are just starting to come out on the trees and until they do the forest can become a tinder box on sunny dry days, should also help to keep the pollen count down. Does limit my photo opportunities though so I am not totally thrilled.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.