Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Drawing Sept. 27 and ATC's

 Above is last nights drawing. When I finished it last night I was rather pleased with it, today as I look at the photograph I find I have some reservations. I have a feeling that the leg should be a bit longer, and I am not sure about the foot. In my defense the leg positions are from the first pose session, and when the model retook her pose she ended up with the leg in a different position so it was not really possible for me to check accuracy later. The hand isn't as well done as I would have liked, while the model held pose very steadily with her head she did change her hand pose throughout the various sessions - mainly changing her fingers and how open/relaxed the hand was. I don't blame her, mind you, it has to be extremely difficult to hold a pose for over 2 hours even with breaks, but it does make it hard to do those fine details and check relationships. The painters don't mind, they aren't usually going for the details the way I do.

Still I rather like how I managed the shadows. Scott tends to like rather dramatic lighting. And lighting is on my brain right at the moment because our latest FFFC challenge is Chiaroscuro. Creating a quilt that shows dramatic lighting with highlights and shadows. You can check out the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge blog to see how some of our members have interrupted the challenge so far. I have an idea using pears that I want to try. So far I have just managed to purchase some pears and have taken a few photographs. Next I need to do some sketches and come up with a final concept. Translating that to fabric will be a challenge I know.

I meant to post the next two images last week and just never got around to it. They are both ATC's done with colored pencil. The first was me just playing around with no pre-sketching. It is OK, but I am really beginning to believe that designs work better when there is some preliminary design work done first.

The second one was done simply as a take off. I am not totally happy with the tail design but,I think it works. Not real birds of course, but I have been drawing enough real birds that these guys aren't totally strange.

Whatever, that is it for today's post. Per usual comments are welcome, and if anyone is interested in trading an ATC for one of mine let me know. Google seems to have changed how images are uploaded to the blog, and I am thinking of adding a 2nd page for just the ACT's I have finished so far.