Friday, September 3, 2010

Sketchbook Project Spread 7

I finally got around to finishing another spread in my Sketchbook Project book. This is a Hermit crab in the shell with a spare in the background. I was going to do a naked crab, they do look a bit funny, but decided that I would just use the empty shell to indicate that these animals can move from one shell to another because they don't grow one of their own. Crab and shells are based on Photographs I found on line. I have an idea for the next spread but haven't started sketching it in yet.  If you would like to see all of my completed pages in one location you can visit my Album at the Art House Co-op

Below is an image of my 4th ATC. This one is from a photograph I took in a local park. The had several varieties of Day-lilies all blooming, but I really loved the colors in this one.

Both drawings were done with colored pencils.

I did play around with attempting to make an ATC using various colored papers, scissors, glue, and some embellishments, but I don't like how it came out. I ended up with some glue spots so to me it just doesn't look as good as I want my work to look. I guess will just call it a learning experience and trash it. I might try again using a different glue and see if can do a better job. 

It has been so hot here in MA this week that I haven't been doing much of anything other than reading. Today will be cooler thankfully, though we have a hurricane headed up the coast and expected to pass off shore overnight. A state of Emergency has been declared for the State, though only the Cape should really see much in the way of hurricane force winds. That is unless the storm tracks further West. Right now I expect to see wind and rain more like a typical Nor'easter, they can be nasty enough but don't do anywhere near the damage of a Category 2 Hurricane. With some luck Earl will track more easterly so even the Cape won't be hit too hard. People oddly enough complain when a predicted storm isn't as severe as predicted. Personally I don't understand it, you would think they would be grateful that they didn't loose a roof, or power or have a tree in the yard blown down. But that seems to be human nature.

That is it for today's post. Comments are welcome.