Sunday, May 15, 2011

EDM, tulips and owls

The above drawing of a field of tulips is something that I finished last week but didn't upload. I thought I would post it today. It is OK, but I am not sure I really like it, there is not enough contrast between the tulips and the blue background, but I didn't like the white. I just realized that my real problem with this piece is that there isn't a good focal point to pull the viewer into the drawing. Ah well, I will keep in mind that we often learn more from our mistakes then by what works the first time around. It does make a pretty piece of wall paper even it isn't good art.  

I was going to post this on Friday, but have had on-going computer problems since last Sunday so just didn't seem to have the time to fit in a blog update. The problems have not been entirely resolved, I need to order a substitute part for a fan that is no longer made, this will probably get interesting, meaning difficult, but will try to at least get in my 2 weekly posts next week.

I even got behind on my daily drawings for the Every Day in May Challenge (see link to flickr group in the side panel). But last night while my computer was updating some programs I managed to get caught up, so here are 5 more daily drawings.

The candle was for May 10th when we had to draw something with flames. I used colored pencils for the candle and the small table that it is sitting on. The 11th challenge was to draw a bowl, I drew a square plastic bowl that I had purchased from Target a couple of years ago, again I used colored pencils. The broccoli was drawn for the 12th when we had to draw something fresh. Friday the 13th's challenge was to draw a fence. My fence is mostly from my imagination, but is based on a pond at the Blue Hill's Reservation animal exhibit area. In the winter there are usually ducks and geese that can be fed using duck food you can purchase from a dispenser that looks like a gum ball machine. I used my Inktense and watercolor pencils for this one. The last image is a colored pencil drawing of a crudely carved stone lion. The phrase for the 14th was to "draw something ugly you love and keep for sentimental reasons." I am not sure I love this, but I do keep it for sentimental reasons, it was my Aunts. She purchased it in Africa while she was there working for the Baptist mission. Or it is even possible that it was a gift to her from someone there, I am not sure, I didn't receive this until after her death so I don't really know the story behind it.

My last image for today is of the ATC's I received in exchange for my owls in the Milliande Art Community for Women ATC Owl swap.

I only created 3 cards, but our swap Hostess, Rachel Thomas, sent each of us a card that she had drawn.

I have one last comment for today, actually it is a link for those who don't have enough art in their lives. The Metropolitan Museum of NYC is posting a daily image. I heard about this link on the Quilt Art list and though I would pass it on. That is it for today, please feel free to comment or ask questions about anything I post to the blog.