Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alphabet Soup with pen and ink

I have a couple of images with letters in their titles today. Above is another of my Artist Trading Cards (ATC) done with watercolor on cold press watercolor paper. I am not sure what these flowers are, they were growing on a medium sized bush in the Houghton's Pond area in The Blue Hills Reservation last year. I loved the color of the flowers so made several reference photographs.

They were fun to paint. Actually that is not entirely true, I have sort of a love hate relationship with watercolor. I am usually happy with my final results but don't always enjoy the process, and tend to put off starting a painting until I give myself an extra push. Usually the motivation is that I need something for the Bog so I  had better get at it. Mind you I know ahead of time that a drawing will end up as a watercolor, after all I am using watercolor paper, but I seem to need that extra push to actually get to the painting.

Next group of letters is the EDM (Everyday Matters) drawing above. This drawing was done for Item number 275: Draw a tube of toothpaste. My tube is almost empty so was a bit more of a challenge then I think a brand new tube would be. It was fun to try and show the bends and shadows on this one.

Above is a pen and ink drawing from a WetCanvas forum challenge photo. I downloaded the photograph months ago, and to be honest I am not even sure at this point which forum the photo was posted in (Colored Pencil, Pen and Ink or Drawing). It was posted as one of either a weekly or monthly challenge to members to draw.

For you purists out there I just drew this in my sketchbook with ink, no pencil references/guides at all. Not too bad, though the bowl isn't totally round and the basil is a bit ragged. The veggies look like the ingredients for an Italian eggplant dish, yummy if you like eggplant (which I don't). Drawn with a micron 01 pen. I have decided that I need to do more pen only studies since I have reach a point with my drawing skills that this is feasible. Meaning what I draw will be recognizable, instead of a mess of corrections.

I am really working on another major piece, meaning it is going to take hours and hours of work to finish, and did all the images I am posting today as breaks between working on it. My wrist gets a bit sore otherwise as it is a stipple work of the border design I posted in the last blog entry. It is coming along well so far, but is slow going, I will probably post an update next Tuesday. 

One last image, this photograph was made last Monday prior to some cold (below freezing) weather moving in and bringing a change from sunny days to cloudy ones with spatters of rain. Actually though we all enjoyed the warmth of over a week ago, this weather is more typical March weather and better for the forests, we need the rain, and it is really much too early for everything to think it is spring and bloom. But isn't this forsythia cheerful, esp against a blue sky.