Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5th Figure Drawing and Shells

Above is last nights drawing, I am not pleased, first the photograph I made this morning is terrible. We have rain, and I haven't yet figured out how to light a drawing without sunlight so that I get a good photograph. Next the pose last night had a lot of foreshortening in it and I know I didn't get it right. I like how I did her face, but her head doesn't connect to her body properly. Oh well there is always next week right?

Otherwise it was a good evening, a fairly good crowd. One new man, who was quiet, but I think he will be back which is good. Mostly it was us regulars, three guys and me, not counting Scott. The other woman who usually comes is on vacation this week, hope she is having good weather where she is.

One of the other attendees is having issues with his concentration, and hence his painting. At least this week he didn't paint over what he was working on which he has been doing the past couple of weeks. He is feeling totally frustrated which I can understand. Scott is telling him that it is just something he is going to have to work through, there is no magic bullet that can help him work through this tough patch. I think he should paint with some other subjects during the week away from the Studio. Like buy a bunch of veggies and paint them. A totally different subject than the human form but he might be able to find a new technique that he could then bring back to the figure painting. Right now his paintings are not meeting his expectations. I know how he feels as my figure drawings aren't meeting my expectations. I know what I need is more practice, but I think his issues are slightly different.

I have joined another e-mail newsletter. I read about it on the Quilt Art list and decided that I was interested enough in it to subscribe. The newsletter is written by Robert Genn and seems to be his take on the current/past art scene. So far I have found them of interest. You can follow the above link for further information.

Below is the latest shell drawing. The first image is the finished ink work prior to my adding the color, I though my readers might like to see the difference that color makes.

Below is the same drawing with the color added. I am playing with color combinations a bit, trying not to redo what I have already done. But I realized one thing after I had finished this one and that is that I am not taking quite enough time with the drawing of the shells. Oh the yellow/blue/green spiral is OK, but I think I could have done a better job on the muscle shell in front and I know I could have done a better job with the shell that is in the rear. Ah well guess I will just have to do another drawing to get it "right".

I read somewhere that an artist should not criticize their work in front of their public. But this is my personal blog and I feel that I should share not only the successes of my work but also where I feel I need improvement. I will tell you a secret, most artists feel their work needs improvement, they almost always see some flaw or some aspect that could be done better or differently, sort of the nature of creating art.

That is it for today. I am working on another small watercolor drawing/Illustration which I will post next update. I will also be making more ATC cards. I joined another ATC swap this one has a cat theme, so it should be fun. I love drawing cats. In the meantime comments are welcome.