Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Butterflies and Figures

Above is last nights figure drawing, obviously she took a curled up pose, in fact it was a bit more curled up then was comfortable for her so after the first break she took a slightly different position. That is why I have concerns about her feet. I think the one pushing against the couch is slightly too large, though because it is closest to me there is some change in scale. What is closer to me will be larger than what is further away so I may have it correct after all. The leg that is under is the one that was repositioned so I couldn't go back and refine my original sketch of that foot. I suppose I could have erased and redrawn the leg, but I liked the original pose so stuck with it. Otherwise I am fairly happy with the drawing this week. I admit that I prefer to draw a model who isn't as skinny as our model last week. This model is slender but not skin and bones.

Below I have another of my pen and ink with watercolor drawings:

This drawing is of two butterflies perched on flowers. I took liberties with both the butterfly and flower coloring and added the leaves. Of course fills for both butterflies and flowers aren't realistic either, though the outlines of both are fairly accurate. I had fun painting the background to give the feeling of  a field of wildflowers. I though purple flowers would contrast nicely with the green background.

The last image for today is a selection of photographs I made since the last blog update.

The photo subjects are Magnolia buds in the upper left, Weeping Cherry blossoms in the upper right, a man fishing on Houghton's Pond, Milton and a Trout Lily just starting to bloom. I need to get back to Blue Hills and see if the Trout Lilies are finally really blooming. When I was there last Friday only a very few showed buds at all and you can see that they weren't very open. We had a lovely warm Easter Sunday (in the low 70's) so it is possible that they are much further along. Yesterday was chilly and overcast till late in the afternoon, and this morning was foggy with some rain. Trees are finally really starting to leaf out and grass is turning green so I think Spring is finally here. There are more photos in my Facebook Gallery.

The community college where I attended classes is going to have their 3rd Annual Art Fair. The Fair includes a juried art show. I am thinking about submitting a couple of pieces (I can submit up to three) but am not sure which ones to pick. Ones that have watercolor washes I think, the watercolor gives a more professional  look to the pieces. But choosing just 3 is going to be difficult. I am open to suggestions, along with other comments. That is it for today, till next time, be safe and well.